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Why Vestor?

Advanced SEO

Boost your local rankings with advanced SEO options. Other real estate investor site builders don’t allow you to fully customize your SEO settings or they charge you more for powerful features like adding city pages. With Vestor sites, it’s all included.

Fully customizable

Our templates look great out of the box – you can have a great-looking site 15 minutes from now. They’re also FULLY customizable so it’s easy to make your Vestor site unique to you and your business. Start with our Motivated Sellers template, and our Cash Buyers template is coming soon!

Lead management

With Vestor, you have a built-in Lead Management system that lets you rank leads for followup and closing. Plus, you are immediately notified every time you get a lead, putting you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition.

Custom logo builder

No logo, no problem. Vestor has a custom logo builder that lets you build a great-looking brand in just a few minutes. And, use your own if you have one.

Vestor: what you need to get leads

No cost to you… ever

It’s Free. Forever. And Ever. Vestor is a world-class lead-generating website available to anyone and everyone who wants it. Rest assured that we and other entrepreneurs will be involved in tuning it, adding to it, and making it even more feature-rich.

Customize to your heart’s content

Each and every element of each and every site can be customized, added to, deleted (be careful!) and made to precisely reflect you and your business. Or, just get started, and use the fully optimized site that we built just for you.

Notifications in seconds, not hours

As soon as a lead is submitted, a text message is sent to your cell phone, and you are emailed the details. Stay way ahead of the competition by immediately following up on the lead. All lead details are provided, from the property location, and the seller’s name and email address.

Attract, convert, and connect with Motivated Sellers

Whether you use direct mail, Google PPC, Facebook or other marketing, Vestor sites are designed to help you convert your visitors into leads.

Your credit card is never required

Join the fastest growing community of real estate investors

Scott Corbett, Founder of Vestor and digital marketer extraordinaire

Your lead-generating, SEO-optimized, Ninja-Real-Estate-Investor website is FREE!

Connect & convert with Motivated Sellers & Cash Buyers

   It’s FREE forever
   No Credit Card required
   SSL Certificate 

Connections to your site will always be secure with a Secure Sockets Layer certificate using the https:// protocol. It’s just part of the free package!

   Text Message Notifications 

Get immediate text notifications on your cell phone when a lead comes in.

   Built-in Lead Manager  Everything you need to get leads, including a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) to manage them!
   5 pages per website 

A maximum of 5 pages allowed.

   5 blog posts per website 

A maximum of 5 blog posts allowed.

   Email and Facebook Community 

Email followup to support questions answered within 48 hours, or join our private Facebook support group.

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The Motivated-Seller, Lead-Generation
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