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Your site comes pre-loaded with a few Posts filled with content. Posts are useful for making news announcements or engaging your users with new content.

Your posts will show up on any page assigned as the “Posts Page” under Settings > Advanced. By default this is set to a page titled “Blog”. {…}

Add a new Post

Go to Content > Posts. Click the “Add New” button. Add any content blocks that you want. Click the “Publish” button when you’re ready for your Post to be publicly available.

Document Settings

In the sidebar under the Document tab, you have additional settings that are not on other Content types.

Featured Image

This allows you to attach an image to a post to be shown on the Posts Page (“Blog”) and on the single view for that post.


You can categorize your posts to organize them in a meaningful way. Currently, our theme is not using this feature but changes to that are in the works.

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