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Integrate with REsimpli

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Connect your Vestor site by pushing leads into your CRM!

Set up Zap

  1. Log into
  2. Click Make a Zap.
  3. Action: Gravity Forms.
  4. Set up Webhooks: Copy the webhook.
  5. Now log into your Vestor site.
  6. Click Forms in the left side panel.
  7. Hover over a form, and more options appear. Hover over Settings and click Zapier at the bottom.
  8. Once in Zapier section, click Add New.
  9. Name it “Zapier”.
  10. Paste the webhook from Zapier in Webhook URL.
  11. Click Save Zapier Feed.
  12. Now go to the front end of your site by clicking the name of your site in the very top navigation.
  13. Find the form you set up the webhook for (either the Lead form, or the Contact form). Now fill it out with some test data and submit the form.
  14. Go back to Zapier and click Find Data > Load More > look for your test submission > click Continue.

Connect with REsimpli

  1. Log into REsimpli.
  2. In top right corner, click Welcome {Your Name}.
  3. In the dropdown, select API Token.
  4. Copy the token.
  5. Go back to Zapier.
  6. Click the plus mark (+) to add another step.
  7. Type “resimpli” > select REsimpli app. (Note: if it’s not showing up, go here to initiate the invite.)
  8. Click Continue > Add a New Account.
  9. A box will pop up. Paste the API Token here.
  10. Continue.
  11. Fill out the lead information by pulling in the data from your test form submission.
  12. Once this is completed, you can send a test to REsimpli.
  13. Note you have to follow these steps for each form!
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