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Logo and Color Scheme

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You can control the branding of your site to make it your own. Go to Design. {…}


Click on the Branding tab.

Upload a logo

Click the “Select Image” button. Choose your logo from your Media Library or upload an image from your computer. Your logo will be automatically resized to fit your site.

Generate a logo

If you do not have a logo already, you can build one. Simply select a Logo Font Family to use with your Site Title. Then select a Logo Icon. The preview on the right will automatically refresh.

Add a favicon

From the Branding panel, click “Change Image”. Upload an image that is square and at least 512px by 512px.


Click on the Design tab.

Change the color scheme

Select a color scheme from the current options. The preview on the right will be automatically updated. If after making changes to your color scheme you do not see the changes reflected on the front-end of your site, please wait at least 10 minutes then refresh your browser to see if the changes are set.

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